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I work part-time (only 12-14 clients a week) but I am available 8am-7pm Monday-Friday and mornings on the weekends (I have more online sessions than in the office) So easy to find a time for you! You can schedule online. 


I am licensed to see clients that live in Oklahoma and Texas. 

I am accepting new clients in January 2023

To schedule a meet/greet book an appt. button.

Tulsa Office Information


Located in Fountain Plaza 

4867 S. Sheridan Suite 718

Tulsa, OK  




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Office  Information

When you walk into the main entrance of building 4867,  you will make a left down the hall. I am located at the end of the hall near another outside door.  You can also enter through this other outside door, it's just around building 4867.   You can see in the photo below the outside door at the end of the hall. 


I ensure at least 30-60 minutes between clients for your privacy and to help equalize my energy for my clients.   :-)

Request an appointment or 15 min meet and greet

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