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The C's of Self Energy

Updated: May 1

Focusing on the 8 C's—compassion, curiosity, calmness, confidence, courage, clarity, connectedness, and creativity—is a core practice in Internal Family Systems (IFS) for accessing and embodying Self-energy. By integrating these qualities into your daily life, you can foster a deeper connection to your Self, which in turn can help in managing your parts more effectively and harmoniously. Here are some reflective questions based on each of the 8 C's that you can ask yourself to facilitate this process:


  • "How can I show more compassion towards myself in this moment?"

  • "What part of me needs compassion right now, and how can I provide it?"

  • "What would I say to a friend in this situation, and can I say the same to myself?"

  • "How can I hold space for my parts, even the ones I find challenging?"


  • "What am I feeling right now, and what can I learn from this emotion?"

  • "Can I be curious about why a certain part is showing up, without trying to change it immediately?"

  • What is something new I can discover about my feelings or reactions today?"

  • "In what ways might my parts be trying to protect me, and what are they protecting me from?"


  • "What can I do to cultivate a sense of inner calm right now?"

  • "How can I support my parts to feel more peaceful and less chaotic?"

  • "What simple actions can I take to bring calm to my day, even in moments of stress?"

  • "How can I remind myself that it's okay to take a pause and breathe when overwhelmed?"


  • "What strengths do I have that I can draw upon in this situation?"

  • "How can I trust in my ability to navigate this challenge?"

  • "What past experiences have I successfully navigated that can remind me of my resilience?"

  • "How can I support a part of me that's feeling insecure or doubtful right now?"


  • "What fears are holding me back, and how can I gently confront them?"

  • "What courageous step can I take today towards healing or resolving an issue?"

  • "What small step outside my comfort zone am I ready to take today?"

  • "How can I gently encourage a part of me that's scared to express its needs or desires?"


  • "What truths about my current situation or feelings might I be avoiding?"

  • "How can I gain a clearer understanding of what my parts are trying to tell me?"

  • "What assumptions am I making, and how can I challenge them to see more clearly?"

  • "How can clarity about my intentions improve my current situation or relationships?"


  • "How can I foster a sense of connection with myself, others, or the world around me today?"

  • "What part of me feels isolated, and how can I bring it into connection with my Self?"

  • "What shared human experience can I recognize in my current feelings or situation?"

  • "How can I reach out for support or offer support to create a sense of community?"


  • "How can I express my current state or emotions creatively?"

  • "What new, creative solutions can I find for the problems I'm facing?"

  • "In what ways can I incorporate creativity into my routine tasks or challenges?"

  • "What parts of me have creative desires or expressions that I haven't fully explored?"

Questions invite inner exploration. This practice can help you to better understand and integrate your parts, leading to a more balanced and conscious life. It's important to approach these questions with an open heart and mind, allowing yourself to explore the answers without judgment. The goal is to foster a deeper connection with your Self, enabling you to lead your inner system with kindness, wisdom, and creativity.


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