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Welcome All


Hi, I'm Christina Spinler, a licensed therapist and a mindfulness life and health coach.  I see my practice as enriching what's possible from within whether in individual counseling or relationship coaching. Enrichment means becoming fully aware of your potential by building on your strengths and empowering yourself through knowledge, resilience and compassion.  ​I am an inclusive open minded person and offer a non-judgemental safe place to explore your own journey to inward well-being.  

I am licensed to see clients in Texas (Telehealth only) and Oklahoma (Telehealth and office)


I counsel individuals 16 and older for a variety of conditions.  I also love seeing other counselors.

 Each person is so different, and so is my way of doing therapy.  Since each person is unique which means, our first objective would be to understand your goals and what changes you would like to see in your life.  I am well-versed in a variety of theories that focus on deep inner work looking at patterns across the life span and/or we can work from a resilience approach focused on present-day solutions and actions.


Each person is different! Let's focus on your goals together.   


Different eating behaviors impact our health and overall sense of wellness.  Emotional eating is a spectrum of behaviors, from emotional to binge eating.


But what is emotional eating? We all have emotions! Sometimes turning to food for comfort, happens to all of us!   

Eating is an inherently satisfying behavior. In fact, it needs to be! We rely on food to survive after all. Searching for ways to cope with stress is natural, too, by the way.

However, we also all know that this tendency to cope via stress eating, emotional eating, or whatever we want to call it, can cause consequences that impact our health — physically and mentally. 


One area of health coaching is aimed at a collaborative intuitive non-blaming approach to help you reach your health goals. 

Interesting note: a healthy relationship is also associated with significant health benefits - such as a stronger immune system or white blood cells to fight infections.  So, not just mind-body - its a mind-body-relationship system. All connected!


This is a couple enrichment program that is psychoeducational and structured like a class with lessons and practices. It is for couples interested in enriching their connection. conflict management and communication along with mindfully exploring ways to develop more awareness about their partner and themself.   It's private sessions as a traditional couple's session, but instead is structured and based on the book "The Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work.

Why this format? Because information is powerful! But practicing what you learn is even more important. The psychoeducational counseling method allows you to learn new skills while also getting support and helpful accountability to practice those new skills. Applying something new is naturally difficult. I provide personal feedback and support. So, if you're not quite ready for "therapy" this psychoeducational format is a less intimidating start!  I do offer continued counseling after the class is over. 

Happy couples have lower rates of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse and children are more likely to feel the positive effects.



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