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Welcome to my Virtual Counseling Practice!


Please note, I am not accepting new clients but contact me to be on my waitlist.

Premarital Education 1:1 Sessions
For couples, I only offer premarital counseling, as it keeps me busy and I love it! So, Instead of traditional couples counseling, I provide a specialized Preventive Premarital Education Program. Tailored for those stepping into commitment or near marriage, this program isn’t about navigating relationship crises or addressing specific issues, instead it's an educational journey to enhance your bond while learning relationship skills. With a structured curriculum, each session comes with clear objectives and hands-on exercises to be practiced outside of our time together. Discover the essentials of a successful marriage and integrate them into your everyday life. Learn More

Anxiety Management for Couples - Harnessing Serenity Together:
While this program benefits relationship health, it's essential to clarify that it isn’t couples therapy. It's a specialized time where couples can collaboratively tackle the impacts of anxiety and manage it unitedly. This program prioritizes empowering couples with anxiety management techniques, get to understand what is behind the anxiety, akin to those used in individual therapy with ways to increase couple bubble with admiration and appreciate practices.  This is for couples in stable and healthy relationship space, so we can focus on managing anxiety collaboratively.   Explore Further

Individual Counseling & Coaching:
I offer a holistic mindset to navigate challenges, be it anxiety, overwhelm, sadness, life transitions, existential quandaries, boosting self-worth, or addressing healthy wellbeing. I offer in in-depth counselling helping you heal core wounded issues. If you are seeking a deeper emotional healing and working with core issues I may be a good fit for you.   Learn more about my individual counseling.

In Essence:
I offer an open-minded perspective in therapy and in life! Embracing a wholly inclusive and non-judgmental approach.  I aim to cultivate a sanctuary where you (and your partner) feel truly heard and supported. We can dive deep into explorations, reflections, and proactive practices that fortify both self and relationships.



      Practical and Insightful Program

Welcome All! I find great fulfillment in assisting pre-commitment and premarital clients, as well as individuals navigating various life transitions. My expertise extends to helping with existential quandaries, anxiety, relational challenges, emotional eating habits/general health, and the exploration of one's authentic identity within this heavy set 3D world. My approach is built upon a balance of educating my clients with essential skills while offering supportive, open minded and compassionate care.

I only offer virtual appointments via HIPPA safe Zoom. 

Montana - Our Summer Retreat

I am a licensed counselor authorized to provide Telehealth services to clients residing in Texas and Oklahoma. Please be aware that for our sessions to take place, you need to physically be within the boundaries of these states at the time of the session. This includes situations where you might be on vacation or have recently moved; our sessions can only resume once you return to Texas or Oklahoma, or you may need to seek a different counselor.

Currently, there's a proposed Interjurisdictional Compact under consideration that, if passed, would allow Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) and Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) to provide services to clients across state lines. We anticipate this legislation to be enacted by March 2024, which will significantly expand the scope of our services!

To schedule a free 15-minute meet and greet email me at

Check your insurance (but please also call to confirm) via Alma my billing portal


You can take the anxiety management sessions as an individual or as a couple. The format is still one on one  but structured format with a beginning - middle and and end date.

Anxiety can have a profound impact on relationships, causing tension, misunderstandings, and even distance. That's why it's important for couples to work together to manage anxiety and build a stronger, more resilient relationship.

The Couples Anxiety Management Class provides a supportive and educational environment where you and your partner can learn about anxiety, its causes, and how to manage it effectively together. You will:

  1. Learn coping mechanisms: You and your partner will learn practical and effective coping mechanisms that can help you manage anxiety as a team.

  2. Practice mindfulness self compassion techniques: By learning mindfulness techniques together, you will learn how to be present in the moment and reduce anxiety in your relationship.

  3. Build a stronger bond: By working together to manage anxiety, you will build a stronger bond and improve communication in your relationship.


I believe in taking a holistic approach to anxiety management for couples. In the Couples Anxiety Management Class, you and your partner will not only learn practical coping mechanisms, but learn how to navigate the physical impact of anxiety for an overall more resilient impact for your health and your relationship. 

My hope is  to support and guide you both on your journey towards healing and growth.



I only offer premarital counseling.  I provide psychoeducational couple enrichment programs comprising four distinct types aimed at strengthening your relationship. These structured sessions are designed to enhance the connection between couples by exploring conflict management, communication, and the development of awareness of both one's partner and oneself. Based on the book "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work," in addition to prepare/enrich and couples institute, these sessions are conducted privately, similar to traditional couple's therapy.

The psychoeducational counseling approach focuses on imparting knowledge and skills, while simultaneously offering support and accountability to practice the skills learned. Implementing new skills can be challenging, and to ease this process, I offer personal feedback and support throughout the program. The psychoeducational format is also less intimidating, providing a comfortable start for couples who may not yet be ready for traditional therapy.


Moreover, even after the program is over, I continue to offer counseling to ensure that the skills learned are continually practiced and strengthened.

Research reveals that happy couples have lower rates of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse, and their children are more likely to experience the positive effects. By investing in your relationship now, you can create a healthier and happier future for both you and your family.



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