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Affordable fees on purpose

Why Affordable Fees - to the point!

I want to be able to provide affordable fees while still expressing value for my dedicated time and quality services.   I know many clients have to deal with HIGH deductibles anyway which is stressful   - high deductibles are an unfortunate reality of our medical system. But I also believe mental health services need to be accessible.   

I offer payment plans for my relationship programs to help span out the payments.  


I have found 1.5 hour sessions are more beneficial than the insurance-mandated 50 minutes. I genuinely believe couples counseling is worth any couple's investment! Real skills for a lifetime.


To learn more about my classes: Enrichment Couples Counseling Anxiety Management Class

Couples Connection Enrichment Relationship Program 

Weekly 9 Class Sessions:

9 sessions - each session reviews a new relationship principle with practice in session. Learn more.

Fee: $700

Time: weekly sessions over 2 months and 1 week. 

Payment can be divided monthly for 2 months.

Fee: $350 a month  for 2 months

Biweekly 9 Class Sessions (2 sessions a month)

9 sessions - each session reviews a new relationship principle with practice in session. Learn more.

Fee: $700

Time: biweekly over 4 months and 1 week

You can divide the payment over 4 months

Paid over 2 months: $350

Paid over 3 months: $235

Paid over 4 months: $175

--paid monthly 


Weekly 18 Class sessions with Reflection Sessions:

Over the course of 18 sessions, consisting of 9 educational sessions and 9 reflection sessions, we will delve deeper into the principles discussed in each educational session. During the reflection sessions, we will discuss your experiences and reflect on how you and your partner applied the principles in the previous week, allowing for a more comprehensive exploration of each principle. Learn More. 

Fee: $1390

Time: weekly sessions 4.5 months

Payment: You can choose to break the payment over the course of the program

You can choose to break the fee over the following months

Paid over 2 months ($695)

Paid over 3 months ($465)

Paid over 4 months ($348)

-paid monthly

Please note if you need to miss a week, that is not a problem. Max time for payments though will be 4 months. 

Benefit of the reflection sessions:  

One of the advantages of the 18 reflection sessions over that of the 9-session class format, is the reflection sessions allow more time applying the principles.  In the 9 session format  we dive straight into the next topic or principle each week, we may have limited time to review the previous week's material.

My method is not suited for couples in a crisis or wanting to dive into issues immediately as I specialize in educational enrichment counseling format and I stick to this format due to my choice of therapy.  I love to first set a solid foundation based on evidence-based practices of healthy relationships

Stress Management Couples Program

Investment: $700 for the couple

You may divide the payment over 2-3 months. 2 months is $350 a month or $233 over 3 months.

Continued Couples Sessions

If you are interested in continuing traditional couples counseling after the enrichment couples program (the 7 principles)

the private fee for 1.5 hours sessions is $115. 



My enrichment couples programs are best suited for private fees due to the 1.5-hour format and one does not need a mental health diagnosis in order to take the program.  If using insurance and they are paying for your sessions, you need to have DSM-V mental health diagnoses and the aim of the sessions has to be focused on improving this diagnosed issue,  insurance panels I am on for now, United Health, Aetna, Blue Cross and HealthChoice. Sorry I no longer accept Cigna.

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