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Creative Activities for Self Energy

Updated: May 1

Engaging in creative activities is a powerful way to access and embody Self-energy. Creativity taps into the innate qualities of the Self, such as curiosity, calmness, and clarity, allowing for a deeper connection with one's core self. Here are some specific ideas to enhance your creative expression and facilitate access to Self-energy:

  • Free Writing: Set aside time each day to write freely without editing or censoring yourself. This could be in the form of stream-of-consciousness writing, poetry, or storytelling. Focus on allowing your thoughts and feelings to flow onto the page without judgment, fostering a sense of curiosity and self-exploration.

  • Mandala Drawing: Mandalas are circular designs that symbolize the notion that life is never-ending and everything is connected. Creating mandalas can be a meditative and introspective practice, encouraging you to engage with your inner Self in a non-verbal, creative way. Focus on the creation process rather than the outcome to enhance mindfulness and presence.

  • Intuitive Painting: Grab some paints and a canvas or paper, and let your intuition guide your brushstrokes. Intuitive painting expresses your inner feelings and thoughts through colors and shapes rather than creating a specific image. This practice can help you connect with your emotions and the guiding qualities of the Self, such as creativity and courage. Combine drawing, painting, and writing in a journal. Use colors, shapes, and words to express your inner experiences, emotions, and parts.

  • Music Improvisation: If you play a musical instrument, try improvising without any set structure or goal. Allow yourself to explore different sounds, rhythms, and melodies, letting your feelings and intuition lead the way. This can be a powerful way to express your inner world and access the calming and creative aspects of Self-energy.

  • Dance and Movement: Put on some music and allow your body to move freely without choreography. Pay attention to how your body wants to express itself and follow its lead. Dance and movement can help you connect with your body, release tension, and access the joy and creativity of the Self.

  • Photography Walks: Take a camera or your smartphone and go for a walk in your neighborhood or a nearby natural setting. Focus on capturing images that resonate with you emotionally or aesthetically. This exercise can help you see the world through a lens of curiosity and connectedness, key aspects of Self energy.Take photos that resonate with your current emotional state or parts. Reflect on why these images speak to you and how they relate to your inner system.

  • Crafting with Natural Materials: Collect natural materials like leaves, stones, twigs, or flowers and use them to create art or crafts. This could be as simple as arranging them into patterns or as involved as creating a piece of mixed media art. Engaging with natural elements can foster a sense of connectedness and creativity.

  • Cooking Creatively: Approach cooking as a creative experiment. Try inventing a new recipe or modifying an existing one based on intuition rather than strict guidelines. Cooking can be a delightful sensory experience that engages creativity, nurturance, and curiosity.

  • Collage Making: Create collages using magazine cutouts, photos, and other materials. Focus on themes that emerge as you select images and arrange them, allowing yourself to lead the process. Collages can provide visual insights into your parts and their relationships.


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